2012 Tour

With the help of their dear colleagues and other traditional music enthusiasts, GRRco was able to share their music with the people in the European region. Mainly, the group visited Spain, France, and Romania which is based on Arthur’s suggestion since he is the most inclined person for European folk music.

It was a memorable and unforgettable experience to the Grass Roots’ artists who explored along with some of their musician friends. It was their first tour after a long break in the late ’90s. The group enjoyed the trip so much that they made friendly connections with some of the traditional folk musicians in the places they visited.

In Spain. They played along with a musical theater group through Spain’s Género Chico also associated with zarzuela. Their play included natives who joined them in portraying and executing mythological lore of Spain. The play was enjoyed mostly by the old people in the place as well as some young audiences.

In France. They intentionally attended the Le Printemps de Bourges, an annual music festival celebrated in Bourges, France. The group stayed in the place for five days joining the fun celebration of the French people. They participated in some small musical show but mostly spent days documenting and spectating the magical musical festival participated by over 200 artists and 60 shows.

In Romania. Romani music is closely related to the Spanish folk music which the group dearly enjoyed as well. Patricia enjoyed their tour in Romania because of her deep passion for Asian folk music and mainly because Romani music has a historical origin in Northern India. Although today, the folk music in Romani also evolved through their modern artists like the Grass Roots’ artists. The group casually joined performers in local restaurants while the musicians play a Romani folk music.

2013 Tour

The group continued their folk music explorations and adventure on their 2013 tour which brought them to the Asian folk music heritage under the strong recommendation of Patricia. The group explored three neighboring countries in Asia including China, the Philippines, and India.

In China. The group explored and participated in southern Fujian. Since the natives in the place are very bonded with their culture, only a few can speak English. Gladly, Patricia knows a friend in China who came along with the group as they share their passion with others and learn the Chinese folk music more. In the provincial place of China, they were able to play Nanguan pipa, a handheld guitar-like instrument, which is also well studied by Patricia. The rest of their 3-day trip in China was adventurous documentation of Chinese heritage and tales it tells through their magical traditional folk music.

In the Philippines. The group explored in the rural areas in the country where they enjoyed the traditional folk music of the natives which reflects the life of a common native. It was easy for the group to jam with the natives as their folk music has a strong influence from the Hispano-Mexican and American traditional music. The group danced and played along with the natives in  Baguio as well as learned to play some popular string instrument in the area.

In India. Grass Roots’ company knows that the arrival of the pop and modern music in the country already weakened its fundamental traditional folk music thus they aim to show its people that there are foreign friends out there who also enjoy their cultural music. In Karnataka, they’ve personally emerged in Bhavageete performance which is a form of expressional poetry accompanied by soft music. It is mostly about love, philosophy, and nature.