How We Started

Grass Roots Record Co. is the home for folk musicians and traditional music lovers. It started in the early ’90s and was primarily formed by the old souls who cherish old music. The group aims to preserve traditional music through innovative revivals and a new mixture of folk music genres. Primarily, GRRco shares the beauty and the stories behind every traditional music regardless of its origin and culture.

Grass Roots Record Co. has shared genuine and meaningful folk music across the internet and various social media platforms. The group is composed of three creative artists that all collaborate to continue working on a mixed and revival folk music. Mainly, the group was inspired by Asian folktales, specifically China. Historically, traditional folklores in China originated 7000 years ago which tells a thousand stories of their culture. Mesmerized by the beauty of its music, the group continues to explore and unfold more stories in every folk music.

Naturally, traditional folk music is accompanied by a folk dance and some instrumental (both wind and string music instruments) that usually repeats some section. It is also expressed by the musician’s movements and facial expressions. And because the emergence of the new music era, the will of Grass Roots has only been stronger; to keep the majestic folk music in the minds and hearts of the people.

Some people also call the group “The Nostalgics” because the music they told is bringing them back in a familiar feeling, some lost in the magic of music. Truly, traditional folk music reminds us of our roots and the story they carry. Much like historically, but today GRRco also incorporates the first folk music into its modern category and genres such as rock, metal, and electric. This way, traditional music will also be memorable to the generations in the 21st and beyond.