Folk Artists

Arthur Robinson

Known for his dedication to the music industry, Arthur Robinson is a 53-year-old traditional musician for roughly 35 years of his life. More than just a listening ear to the old melodies and current music trends, Arthur also dedicates his time in poetic music explorations. He spends most of his time composing and incorporating folk music with his music and completing it with majestic imagery which mostly reflects his favorite European folktales.

Arthur also passionately plays string musical instruments, which include ukulele, guitar, bağlama, cümbüş, and some wind instruments such as zurna, Kaval, and Tulum. Most of these instruments are now rarely seen in the limelight of today’s music era. Arthur started to unfold the mystery of traditional music when he was in college, and his passion continued growing even after his graduation. He was also a band member during his college years and started to like folk music under the influence of his music mentor.

Patricia Owings

The powerhouse of voice in the group, Patricia, also called as Patty is a 41-year-old single mom who is inclined into Chinese folk music for 19 years already. Recently, she is into experimental folk music with Arthur and George which aims to unfold a new path for the traditional music.

Her love for the Chinese folklore started when her college roommate shared meaningful and sad stories of the Chinese heritage. One of her favorite Chinese folk music is the Zui Hong Yan. She puts Chinese folk music as soul touching and at the same time melancholic. She recalls some famous folktales accompanied by ancient folk music which is amazingly still evident in the well-preserved culture of China.

Soon, she also started to explore other cultural folk music such as African and European folk music under the influence of her other musicians such as Arthur. In recent years, she learned to play wind instruments and string instruments which are widely used in Asian regions.

George Whitson

The 49-year-old professional musician, George Whitson, is a great story weaver who captivates the heart of his listeners through a revival and experimental folk music. Inspired by his North American heritage, he learned and grew a strong passion for folk music at an early age of 16. He continues unraveling the beauty of traditional music when he entered college and mastered in conservatory music which then gave him a great advantage and discoveries about the genre of his own music.

Today, together with Arthur and Patricia, George aims to promote traditional music and its meaningful tales. In the current generation, George noticed that music vastly evolved into distinctively different musical arrangements in the sense that it’s drifting away from music that touches the soul and merely just music to gain fame and wealth. It was then that he decided to continue influencing people, especially the youth, and sharing them the beauty of traditional folk music.