Folk Artists

Arthur Robinson

Known for his dedication to the music industry, Arthur Robinson is a 53-year-old traditional musician for roughly 35 years of his life. More than just a listening ear to the old melodies and current music trends, Arthur also dedicates his time in poetic music explorations. He spends most of his time composing and incorporating folk music with his music and completing it with majestic imagery which mostly reflects his favorite European folktales.

Arthur also passionately plays string musical instruments, which include ukulele, guitar, bağlama, cümbüş, and some wind instruments such as zurna, Kaval, and Tulum. Most of these instruments are now rarely seen in the limelight of today’s music era. Arthur started to unfold the mystery of traditional music when he was in college, and his passion continued growing even after his graduation. He was also a band member during his college years and started to like folk music under the influence of his music mentor.

Patricia Owings

The powerhouse of voice in the group, Patricia, also called as Patty is a 41-year-old single mom who is inclined into Chinese folk music for 19 years already. Recently, she …

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Folk Music

Folk music or mostly known as traditional music is any mellow that evolved in or during the 20th century. Originally, the term folk music started in the 19th century, but the music itself speaks for the older generations.

The composers of known traditional music are often unknown because of its age and continuous revivals from different parts of the world. Traditional folk music is widely spread through word of mouth. It gradually evolved from the process of custom performance which continued over a certain period of time. Often, traditional folk represents or reflects a certain culture or beliefs.

There are also forms of traditional folk music such as folk revival which is formed at the beginning of the 20th century and became popular folk music. This form of traditional folk music emerged in the ’60s and is also known as contemporary folk music. This, in general, is a subcategory of folk music which separates it from other folk music remixed with other genres such as rock, metal, and electric folk.

Technically, the idea of traditional folk music is relatively close to the concept of folklores which also embodies folk dance …

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How We Started

Grass Roots Record Co. is the home for folk musicians and traditional music lovers. It started in the early ’90s and was primarily formed by the old souls who cherish old music. The group aims to preserve traditional music through innovative revivals and a new mixture of folk music genres. Primarily, GRRco shares the beauty and the stories behind every traditional music regardless of its origin and culture.

Grass Roots Record Co. has shared genuine and meaningful folk music across the internet and various social media platforms. The group is composed of three creative artists that all collaborate to continue working on a mixed and revival folk music. Mainly, the group was inspired by Asian folktales, specifically China. Historically, traditional folklores in China originated 7000 years ago which tells a thousand stories of their culture. Mesmerized by the beauty of its music, the group continues to explore and unfold more stories in every folk music.

Naturally, traditional folk music is accompanied by a folk dance and some instrumental (both wind and string music instruments) that usually repeats some section. It is also expressed by the musician’s movements and facial expressions. …

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